Shahid Matangini Hazra Government General Degree College For Women

Government of West Bengal, Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Chakshrikrishnapur, Kulberia, P.O: Kulberia, Dist: Purba Medinipur, PIN: 721649

Student Welfare Sub-Committee


The Student Welfare Sub-Committee seeks to provide support to the educational process to advance the students ' academic and personal abilities. It aims at enabling them to face problems that hinder their academic success or the academic process, with the end of qualifying them professionally upon the national and regional levels.


The Student Welfare Committee abides with the programs set by the College to provide a unique academic environment based on positive interaction among the students and the College, and to help the students overcome all personal, social, and academic hindrances.


The Student Welfare Committee aims at achieving numerous objectives for improving the academic process:

  • The Student Welfare Committee helps the students understand their unique personal abilities and tendencies through interviews and assessment tests.
  • It also helps students with psychological issues achieve reconciliation with the self and the other.
  • In cooperation with the Student Assessment Review Committee and the Faculty Administration, the Student Welfare
  • It fosters discovering and boosting the students ' skills through the proper social, sports, and cultural activities.
  • It helps develop the students ' interactive skills, such as translation, communication, and teaching skills.

Procedures for implementing academic, psychological, and social counseling awareness of it:-

a. Educational problems, including:-

In case that the student faces difficulties with a certain syllabus, he / she should meet with the faculty member during the latter's office hours for assistance. In case it is a collective problem, an additional lecture is given to explain the difficult parts of the curriculum.

In case the students object on the difficulty of the exam questions for not according with their academic level or the designated course plan, the academic councilor files these complaints to the head of the department, who should in turn handle the situation.

In case the students object on the examination marks, a grievance forum is filled and filed to the head of the department, where the grievance is subsequently filed to the Student Assessment Review Committee. The Student Assessment Review Committee later responds to the student.

b. Social and psychological problems, including:-

Some students might encounter some financial problems. The student in distress as such shall be directed to the Student Welfare, which shall in turn communicate with both the student and the University. A student is allowed to absent himself for a week in case of death of a family member. The student shall then submit his excuse along with a death certificate, The deficit in the student's attendance shall be cancelled out with the acknowledgement of the Vice President for Student Welfare.

Family disputes and divorce can also hinder a student academically and socially. Hence, the academic councilor shall talk with the student in an attempt to overcome this dilemma. The academic councilor might also meet with the student's parents if necessary to explicate the downsides of family disputes and their effects upon the student.

In case of family illnesses, the academic councilor talks with the student in an attempt to find a way to avoid the negative effects of this illness on the student.

In case the student suffers from a psychological illness, such as anxiety or depression, he should be submitted to a specialized doctor immediately.