Shahid Matangini Hazra Government General Degree College For Women

Government of West Bengal, Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Chakshrikrishnapur, Kulberia, P.O: Kulberia, Dist: Purba Medinipur, PIN: 721649

Introduction of the Department

The Department of Political Science at Shahid Matangini Hazra Government General Degree College for Women was established during the 2015-2016 academic session under the order of the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal, and with affiliation to Vidyasagar University, Purba Medinipur. Since its inception, the Department has been offering Undergraduate Honours and General courses.

  • Name of the Programs/Course offered: UG
  • Annual / Semester / Choice based Credit System (Program Wise): CBCS (Introduced 2018-19)
  • NEP 2020 Introduced: 2023-24

About the Department

The Department of Political Science conducts classes according to the syllabus provided by the Vidyasagar University. The present syllabus covers Political theory, Indian Constitution, International Relations, Western and Indian thought, Comparative Politics and Public Administration. Informative lectures along with ample study materials are provided by the faculty members to the students which has helped the department to maintain a consistent record of academic success over the years. The Department seeks to foster possibilities of intellectual and social transformation of our students and prepares them to become citizen leaders committed to values of social and gender justice and public service.

Students in the Department are encouraged to pursue higher studies to enhance their knowledge and compete in various national and state-level competitive examinations. With this aim in mind, the Political Science department ensures regular class lectures, interactive sessions, use of political maps, discussion on current affairs, tutorial and remedial classes using ICT tools through which the students can get a broader perspective of the latest socio-political developments. Through these efforts, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest socio-political developments on a global scale, aligning with our educational objectives. Faculty members of the Department are engaged in research and academic activities.

The Courses in Political Science aim to:

  • Ensure students of Political Science acquire knowledge and understanding of appropriate areas of theory.
  • Develop in students a capacity to think critically about events, ideas and institutions.
  • Cultivate skills aimed at understanding and comprehending complex issues.
  • Create a learning environment that is receptive to the needs and views of students.
  • Provide opportunities and prepare students for higher learning.

From the Desk of HOD

The Department of Political Science relentlessly works towards empowering women through knowledge. However, it is not only mere academic knowledge, but also the skills to deal with all aspects of human life. The discipline of Political Science encompasses every field in its scope. State has emerged with multiple responsibilities in present time and durability of any State depends on the performance of its duties. The Department of Political Science aims at equipping students with in-depth knowledge and intellectual tools to engage with issues and challenges arising in all arenas of life and politics. It aims to provide them with learning experiences and theoretical deftness. The Department affirms its commitment to equity, inclusiveness and diversity.

The Department organises Student Seminars, Newspaper reading sessions, and encourages students to prepare Wall Magazine which provide a platform to the students for expressing their opinions on various aspects of political life. These tools are used by the faculty members to imbibe creative thinking and a deeper understanding of the discipline and it’s potential in making a difference to society. The Department also encourages and helps students to participate in Youth Parliament Competitions, which will inculcate healthy habits of discipline, tolerance of the view of others and to enable the student community to know about the practices and procedures of the Parliament. All these will eventually strengthen the roots of Democracy in our Country. Recently the Electoral Literacy Club is formed in our college under the aegis of Political Science Department which is supposed to be a platform to engage students and to sensitise them on their electoral rights and familiarise them with the electoral process.

The mission of the Department is to prepare adequately competent students who understand and apply concepts, theories and methodologies from different subfields of Political Science to make sense of the world around them.


  • Higher studies in a number of allied subjects like Mass Communications, Journalism, International Relations, Human Rights etc. apart from the subject itself in Vidyasagar University or any other reputed University
  • Employment opportunities in schools, colleges. Print and electronic media, administrative services, NGOs.
  • High prospects of research.

Our Staff

Piku Das Gupta
Associate Professor & HOD

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Shyamashree Roy
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Phil

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Departmental Notice Board

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