Shahid Matangini Hazra Government General Degree College For Women

Government of West Bengal, Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Chakshrikrishnapur, Kulberia, P.O: Kulberia, Dist: Purba Medinipur, PIN: 721649

From the Desk of Principal


A long cherished dream of the residents of Tamluk came into being with the establishment of Sahid Matangini Hazra Govt. College (SMHGC) for Women in 2015. Given the fact that the legacy of Indian Higher Education can be traced back to the age of Nalanda and Takshashila, 5 to 15 years is not long enough for an institution to carve out a space for itself in the history of higher education of our vast country. Nevertheless we hope that by the end of the next decade we would be able to claim that our institution would reach that level of excellence where nobody would hesitate to use ‘SMHGC’ as a brand name, both in the market of employment and in the academic field. With the dedication, devotion and sustained effort of a group of motivated teachers and students, the college is gradually growing up as a centre for cultivation of knowledge in its true sense. Our primary dictum is to help create qualified, skilled and knowledgeable workforce that is a fundamental requirement to the dream of India becoming an economic super power. We are aware that we have so many challenges ahead especially when the parents of the current generation of students prefer engineering, medicine and other professional discipline over the conventional subjects for graduation. But with untiring efforts and determination on the part of the students, teachers and the members of the non-teaching staff we are confident to produce from our students a galaxy of luminaries with all potential to give leadership to the emergence of India as a developed nation by the turn of 2030.

Dr. Bijoy Krishna Roy

Principal - Shahid Matangini Hazra Government General Degree College for Women (W.B.S.E.S.)